Hanging your Scripture Canvas 

The design of our frames means you can rest the piece on a simple nail or screw in your wall. This allows the print to be mounted flat to the wall with no gap at the top. Easy!

Handling your Scripture Canvas

  • Please make sure that you clean your hands before handling any canvas prints.

  • Do not place anything on top of the canvas or lay your canvas with the front facing down.

  • Try not to poke or press down on the canvas because you could leave an impression that might not go away.

Maintaining the quality of your Scripture Canvas
  • Keep your print away from direct sunlight, as well as reflected light from mirrors, glass, etc.
  • Do not use any form of liquid or chemical products to clean your canvas, or you may damage it. A soft dust brush can be used periodically to remove settled dust
  • Make sure your print is displayed in a stable, moisture-free environment and is kept at a safe distance from any sources of direct heat such as a fireplace.